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TAKE CARE (Viña del Mar)

there were already cases where criminals used SCOPOLAMINE to anesthetize and rob people in several countries in south america.
yesterday it happened the first time in Viña del Mar at the mall.
a mid age man wad asked by a mid age women and her 20 year old "sons" pretending to be lost asked how to get to a close place. don't touch people, don't take cigarets or cookies or whatever. he was drug and robed in front of everyone!

"One common and particularly dangerous method that criminals use in order to rob a victim is through the use of drugs. The most common has been scopolamine. Unofficial estimates put the number of annual scopolamine incidents in Colombia at approximately 50,000. Scopolamine can render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. In large doses, it can cause respiratory failure and death. It is most often administered in liquid or powder form in foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents occur in night clubs and bars, and usually men, perceived to be wealthy, are targeted by young, attractive women. To avoid becoming a victim of scopolamine, one should never accept food or beverages offered by strangers or new acquaintances or leave food or beverages unattended. Victims of scopolamine or other drugs should seek immediate medical attention"

so be very carefully!

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