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Finding a German living in Wellington

Hi all,

I’m really really really hoping some of you could help me, as I’ve completely run out of ideas to find this person.

I’m trying to find a person I met just on 10 days ago at the Cardrona Ski Resort just out of Wanaka, please note it was only a friendship (before people get ideas :)), and due to circumstances and a mixture of being dumb, I didn’t get any details from her to stay in contact, so I’m hoping someone here could help me as this is my last resort, and I’d really like to stay in contact with her.

I don’t have a full name, just a shortened version but have other details from us generally chatting over the 2 days, which I hope is enough for someone to help, or point me in the right direction to find her. I don’t want her address or phone number, just her name so I find her through facebook, or if someone knows her, I’d pass on my contact details and have her contact me, as this doesn’t place any pressure on her.

She called herself Dora but I know this isn’t her real name, just a shortened version or nickname to make it easier but I’m guessing would use it regularly, I can’t for the life of me remember what her real name was.

Dora is German and moved to Wellington in November last year (I can’t remember where she is from in Germany) and has been living there since, she is currently living with friends/family that are also German, but I believe they’ve been living in Wellington for a while. She is here on a temporary working visa but has also applied for her permanent working visa. She is working part time in communications (I don’t have a company name) and has a degree in Communications and Geography, about 30 years old ( I know to never ask a girls age!), and is a keen kayaker.

As I stated earlier, we met to Cardrona while taking snowboarding lessons on the 6th/7th of September, I do know she was there with the same family/friends that she lives with, but I didn’t meet any of them, so don’t have names for them.
I won’t go into a visual description but can if someone requires one or if anyone wants more information, I’ll answer if I can.

Thank you all in advance, I’m really hoping with the help of this forum, I can find her.

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