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Serhat Ahmed

Living in Wellington, from Turkey

"With all of the information that InterNations provided on Wellington, it made my move from Turkey easier than I could have imagined."

Melanie Rasbery

Living in Wellington, from USA

"Since I knew about the active expat network in New Zealand, InterNations made moving to Wellington more exciting than it had seemed before."

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Get to Know Our Local Network of Expats in Wellington!

Kia ora and welcome to your InterNations Community of expats in Wellington, New Zealand. Here you'll find all the essential information you need to start your new life, from making the initial preparations to forming new friendships. Read our comprehensive guides to find answers to your questions, such as "how do I access healthcare?", as well as advice and insider tips. We also encourage you to visit our forum, interact with fellow expats and take advantage of their first-hand knowledge of the city. Remember, they've already navigated the daunting process of relocation so learn D113from their mista+D113kes and mimic their successes as you too start a new adventure in Wellington.

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Wellington Expatriates Network

Join our high-quality network of Wellington expats to connect with expatriates living abroad in Wellington like you.

Wellington Guide for Expats

Wellington Expat Guide

Expat Forum Wellington

Get trustworthy and authentic advice from fellow members about all aspects of expat life in Wellington.

Wellington Expat Forum

Wellington Events for Expatriates

Attend our monthly events and activities for Wellington expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life.

Wellington Expat Events

Embark on a New Life in Wellington

Marketed as the "coolest little capital in the world", Wellington's thriving tourist industry means leisure activities, nightlife and international cuisines are all available for expats to enjoy. A number of festivals are on offer, including the New Zealand International Arts Festival, Wellington Jazz Festival, and Cuba Street Festival. Traditionally home to a number of government organizations and major corporations, the economy in Wellington has shifted as a number of these companies have moved to Auckland. The main industries today are arts and culture, film, and IT, with tourism as the major contributor with around 3.5 million visitors a year.

Meet Like-Minded Expats at InterNations Events in Wellington

At InterNations we understand that making new friends in a new city can be tricky, so we organize regular events and get-togethers to help our expats build new friendships and establish a new social circle in Wellington. Take the opportunity to network or simply socialize and have fun in an easy-going, safe environment. We also encourage you to check out our InterNations Groups and find fellow expats to share your interests with; dining out, sports and adventures are examples of the hobbies and interests on offer and you can always create your own group if your hobby's not yet found in the list. With InterNations you have the reassurance of knowing that all the advice and support you need is available both online and in person in Wellington.

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