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Immigration and Tax Law Advice (Wellington)

I have just become an Albatross member of InterNations Wellington.
I am a Specialist Lawyer who practices Immigration and Tax Law.

Immigration matters can often be challenging and stressful for immigrants wanting to either work or permanently settle in New Zealand. Difficult and complex legislation is often not easily understood by lay people. In order to give high quality immigration advice, a sound understanding of immigration law is required. All New Zealand immigration advisers must now be licensed, but a licence does not necessarily mean an adviser has a legal qualification. Lawyers are exempt from this licensing requirement due to their qualifications, stringent professional regulations they are required to follow and the professional development training they must undergo. So, with IR Legal (that’s my law firm), you can be totally confident you have the right representation.

As an immigrant, I understand the hopes and dreams of those who wish to migrate to New Zealand and become real Kiwis. I have travelled and lived in many countries. I understand your cultural needs and the feelings of displacement you will experience when removed from family support, social values and cultural habits you understood, and the comfort and security offered by your country you are planning to leave behind. So, at IR Legal, we do not stop at immigration advice. We can provide guidance in housing, business, employment, and other legal needs. We can also introduce you to community support groups where necessary.

On tax law, if you are migrant or a returning New Zealander you may be liable to pay tax in more than on jurisdiction, International tax laws are complex and the way they’re applied can depend on your specific circumstances and the jurisdictions involved. My law firm is a specialist law practice that offers solutions and advice on immigration and tax law. So, we are well placed to help migrants and returning New Zealander with international tax issues.

I will be attending InterNations events in Wellington and look forward to meeting many of you.

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