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University in New Zealand (Wellington)



I'm a US resident with a small family and I am looking into the possibility of completing my degree in New Zealand. I was wondering what advice those of you who are already living in New Zealand might have about which universities I should look into? I have been in contact with a few schools and the New Zealand education system seems much more amenable to giving me credit for past academic work than the Irish system (which I have also been looking into).

Just some notes about our situation. My wife and I have three young girls and are hoping to find a bit more laid back pace of life with better access to organic foodstuffs and natural wellness solutions. We are building a business that we can operate remotely and my education is paid for by prior military service. With young children, we'll be happiest in a setting that is less urban and more amenable to good outings for the youngsters.

Any tips you can provide for locations that might be a better fit for our needs would be greatly appreciated. Of course, those needs will have to be in balance with the reputation of the university I ultimately attend, so I greatly value any input.

Thank you for your time!

Drew Harper

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