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Baseball, Ballet, and Tang Soo Do for kids??? (Wiesbaden-Mainz)


As I have mentioned in a previous post my husband may be taking a 3 year transfer to Russelsheim. Before we officially commit I'm trying to get an idea if my children will be able to continue the hobbies that they love.

Does anyone know of a local place to practice Tang Soo Do martial art?

Is baseball common? It's very important to my son and I'm afraid he could have to give up his favorite sport if we moved. I don't see it mentioned whenever I try to research sports for kids. I'm not sure if it's getting lost in translation or if it just isn't available there.

And lastly, does anyone know of a nice place to practice ballet? My daughter loves it and we would like to continue. She won't know any German for a while, I'm hoping it won't cause too much of a problem. I see some of the international schools offer it but I'm not sure how serious it as far as teaching correct forms etc. I want her to be able to come home and dance at the level she would have been had we stayed at her more serious ballet school.

Thank you to anyone that took the time to read or answer the questions of a worried mother!!!

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