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A different kind of question: only for the "pro-Israel" people.

First, I have to say I don't like using the term "pro-Israel". It's a label that doesn't accurately describe and has different meanings to different people. But it's the only word I could think of to describe the people who (on average) defend the actions of Israel (as opposed to those who generally criticize Israel).

To the people who do NOT fall under this category: I beg you, please do not add any new information here. If you do comment, please comment directly regarding responses to this post.

To everyone: Please let's try to focus on exactly the topic of this thread, which is as follows:

Israel's army (notice the focus on ARMY) has been consistently accused of some very gruesome acts which many argue are very serious war crimes. The most serious ones (in my opinion), and only from this last Gaza conflict, include:

1) Use of white phosphorous in civilian areas, including UN buildings, which is from what I understand is illegal even if these places are used as "human shields". (Please don't argue whether or not it is illegal, that's not the point.)
2) The attack of vehicles and personnel clearly marked as belonging to the red-cross or media.
3) Israeli soldiers ordering civilians to leave a building and then firing on them (women and children), often at point-blank range.
4) Soldiers leaving graffiti such as "Death to Arabs".

(related links below)

My question is NOT how much of this you believe to be true. If you insist on putting such information, please post it as an external link so as not to distract from the main question of this thread.

The question is: WHAT IF these allegations are true? How does that make you feel? What do you think should then be done? Other comments?

The goal of this post is to show what beliefs are shared in common between both sides, and (less important) the differences.

Extra Remark: Take into consideration that many in the "anti-Israel" group take the above accusations (and many others which are sometimes obviously false) as the truth. Some of them, sadly, assume (incorrectly) that anyone that supports Israel also supports these action.

I ask everyone not to let this thread break down into an argument about whether or not these things are true or false, that's not the point here.

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