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Best Way to Win Your man's Heart


I think as a gentleman was born in ME and live all my life willing to learn more about women world.
I have a right to share some ideas can assist women to win them men's hearts
I hope also you like to share your experiences and knowledge that will help
everyone in our Inter nations family to see how the picture from all sides

I believe any relations is an unique specially between man and woman looking to knew each other and preparing to make a relationship

I will talk about men as general from my view and from my world friends chit chat
I think there are small things make man's heart ready to accept a new lady in his life

1- First impression
2- Charisma
3- Woman Mind
4- strong personality
5- Sociability
6- Mystery skills
7- Special character, habits. ...etc

I think Men aren't from Mars and women aren't from Venus, but their brains really are wired differently
male brains may be optimized for motor skills, and female brains may be optimized for combining analytical and intuitive thinking.

"On average, men connect front to back [parts of the brain] more strongly than women," whereas "women have stronger connections left to right,"

For example, women may have better verbal memory and social cognition, whereas men may have better motor and spatial skills, on average. Brain imaging studies have shown that women have a higher percentage of gray matter, the computational tissue of the brain, while men have a higher percentage of white matter, the connective cables of the brain. But few studies have shown that men's and women's brains are connected differently.

I think we have to accept our different and get a chance to knew each other first to get the right choose when we build any new relationship.

Wish you best life ever
The Egyptian Prince

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