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Bhutan - A Heaven of Peace

Bhutan Protected content Heaven of Peace

Bhutan – Known as the ‘ Kingdom of Dragon’ or Shangri-La, at the foot of the world’s highest mountain is a jewel, a heaven of Buddhist peace, far from the noise and bustle of the great cities.
The Kingdom of Bhutan is not only famous for its Majestic Himalayan landscape - the jagged and rugged horizons of rock and ice which beckon you to exploration and discovery, but are also a home to some of the fearsome rushing rivers flowing from the Himalayas, gentle and pleasant streams and of course of course one could not take away Bhutan’s natural beauty, its rhododendrons, blue poppies, flame of the forest or laburnums, nor its winds, animals and chirping birds in the vast wilderness.
Binding all these together are the ever smiling face and hospitality of the friendly people of Bhutan, whose age old customs, traditions and cultures, as diverse as their surroundings, are kept alive around temples and monasteries of centuries old. These in turn keep their eye over ancient routes, which form the highway systems of trade and commerce even today in Today. Very often you will be traveling through these same paths, often paved or lined with stones, which will guide you through a human mosaic.
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There is a place on earth that even the most seasoned travelers consider a privilege to visit. And, although it is voted one of the world’s top travel destinations, very few make it.A place where nature is at its best, Bhutan is widely acclaimed as the Asian answer to Switzerland with a distinctly mesmerizing and authentic oriental aura surpassingly beautiful and irresistibly charming, Bhutan is irrefutably a “Complete Destination” bound to fulfill the most discerning expectations of every occidental tourists.
Bhutan beckons you to travel to this quaint little kingdom where travelers would be thrilled to discover the adventurists in them. In Bhutan a simple sightseeing and cultural tour can be a thoroughly revealing experience for it offers you a baffling variety of un-spoilt natural vistas and a unique culture that has held out on its own despite the steady onslaught of modern influences since it opened up to the outside world in Protected content .
We at Bhutan Tours & Adventures look forward to have the opportunity to help visitors enjoy a truly fulfilling and rewarding holiday in Bhutan. We derive a profound sense of achievement and pleasure from guiding visitors in and around Bhutan. Our staff are known and appreciated for taking meticulous care not to spare any effort in ensuring that your Bhutan sojourn is a most satisfying venture. We cater to every aspect of tour and travel in Bhutan bound to leave visitors spoilt for choice.
For all FITS/ GITS traveling during festivals, visa particulars must be sent at-least 8 weeks in advance. More details..... Protected content

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