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Brainwashed Nurses on Crusade damage Healthcare


Recently there was a big splash in the newspapers in the UK about a nurse offering to pray for a patient being suspended by her NHS employer.

I read the articles, and there was a huge wave of public support for here the world over, but nobody thought to respect the privacy and dignity of the patients that she looked after, nor of her colleagues, nor of the diversity of a multicultural country, where many people practice different faiths.

Can you imagine a terminal (dying) patient being told by a nurse that they will not go to heaven, unless they say a prayer with the nurse?

Reinstating this woman who prayed was a mistake, and I believe that the powers that be, and you the public do not understand the pandora's box that you have opened.

By profession I am a nurse practitioner and only today had to ask an evangelistic nurse to stop giving out tracts at work - the lady replied to me that I could not stop her, and poured out the biblical quotes.

I am quite convinced that she has been brainwashed - and what of these churches that encourage her and legions of people like her? I am sure that they are after the 10% tithe, and even will go down to stating that the woman in the temple in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, gave everything that she had!

I can just see their pastor telling them if you want to see miracles in your life, give - give to the church - give more and you will be blessed, won't you?

...and that is why many of those ministers in these big churches live in big houses, drive big cars and are rich........

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