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CAC Index : Birth of a new cycle increase

The recent outbreak of the indices falls a pic on the bottom of the next G20 anticipation of change in accounting absurd and devastating. The application of the principle of 'market to market has been to accelerate the fall of the value of all assets and in turn holding companies. The lack of recovery reveals a total imbalance with the risk inherent in these assets.

The measures in place to assist the financial system associated with new prudential rules and the likely overhaul of these rules could confirm our scenario at the end of the downward pressure on all the indices in line since 6 March . The strong and massive response of Chinese authorities change the behavior of tax reflect the pressure of the authorities and the international solidarity to change the rules and reverse the trend.

The market could benefit from a 'flight to quality', classic dressing especially critical assets at the end of the quarter for rehabilitating capitalization companies traded. When quotations are provided bradée and fundamentals differ, it is wise to put in place within the treasuries of companies redemptions of securities for the benefit of employees or simply support the share price. The increase in volumes of trade this week calls for a renewed interest of investors in these price levels .. The same phenomenon of the end of the fiscal year in Japan they are often the same effect bull. It should, however, to remain prudent at this stage before the rally still fragile and very short term. A look at recent media contrary to sign a new abyssal fall.

On a purely graphic, we see the introduction of major technical figures on all the indices including the 'track record' can be considered calmly rebounded savior, even the birth of a new bull cycle. Turning points and the limit given to the decline have been touched even slightly exceeded for this rebound providential. These points are closely monitored on the levels of Protected content the Eurostoxx, Protected content the CAC40 index, Protected content the Nasdaq, Protected content the Dow, Protected content the S & P500 and Protected content the Nikkei.

The raw materials into serious financial investment could benefit in the same steps of this takeover. Our goal on the level of $ Protected content the Gold remains valid. The upside on oil remains faithful to our online survey since mid-December when it was $ 33 with a medium term remained at 78 dollars.

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte
European Sales Director
Global Equities
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