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Creating Database for Immigration and Visa issues

Hello everyone, I would like to open a new thread here, where infos can be shared on how about to enter the several continents or ecomnomic entities like the E.U. for work. I would suggest to list them as follows:
name 1. the country:USA,
name 2. official info sites like from government agancies, embassies etc. where official data is obtainable
name 3. thorough and reliable internet search you have done and post the webadress
cite 4. personal information and experience
recommend 5. books or other ressources
share 6. personal contacts you can share like lawyers, friends, communities etc.
I would like to highly emphasis the informational side of this thread for each of us and less the emotional experience as expats as there are many posts about it already.
I am doing this because at the time I had to basically do it for myself and I would have highly apreciated the valueable experience of other expats. So let's do it for us and each other.

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