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Crimes against humanity


We do charity

we speak out against violence

We want to be powerful and while doing so we commit crimes, knowingly or not - because of our ignorance perhaps.

What we have been ignoring for the past many decades, perhaps, is that in our personal pursuits - mostly financial - we have disregarded the society and the fact how WE are indirectly affected by our own actions. How the generations to come are affected by it. how OUR children would be affected by it.

We blame the politicians. Governments. organisations. And, ironically, the system we are part of!

How do we correct it? who is to correct us? What is our sense of social responsibilty?

in the words of Tariq Ali:

"When the real world is overcome by insanity normality only exists in asylum. The lunatics have a better understanding of the crime that is being perpetuated than the politicians (i would add individuals and organizations) who agreed to it."

I do not intend to offend any one individual or single out any organization.

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