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denationalisation a new trend ? Lost national identity ?


Our intercultural salad bowl countries do seem up for a new twist.

Some global trends:

Due to the interconnectivity of a globalised world some common obstacles emerge:

Rising energy prices, the thinning out of the middle class, a desillusioned working population, honey pot loving politicians and CEO's and board of directors of big conglomerates. The influx of immigrants is drastically rising from the 3rd world countries to the aging main European countries and will continue to do so. Pension plans are at risk due to the empty pockets of governments and to the immenent stock market crises. Food prices have risen more than 40 percent in the last year alone leaving thousands of people starving.

What is the solution to all this created mess ???

Bingo cooperation, regulation and intervention. But let us be precise who profits ? Who gets bailed out here ? The average joe who will go to prison if caught free-driving public transportations ( In Germany if you can not pay the fine you go to jail for 3 MONTH ).

Why we see this infusion of trillions of dollars into the market, to keep the bleeding patient alive ? Who profits ? Why not go to the root of the problem the ''off market'' the untouchable, tax-free so called charities and foundations that have more money than governments ? Why no restrictions on hedge funds ?

Because the world should go bankrupt so that a call for a global government will arise.

Best thing is when politicians or BANKERS are asked: '' What is happening on the financial markets? ''

One common answer : '' WE DO NOT KNOW !!! "

Such a funny world yet the show goes on, and national identies fade into a new EUROPE and a new WORLD.

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