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Turbulent minds search for discontentment. They search for some reason to complain. This is tamas. Minds usually have a natural bend towards negativities. Negativities are like weeds of the garden. Nobody nurtures them. They just appear, grow and sometimes even destroy the mother plant. Our mind has similarity with this way of nature. It destroys positive vibes and choose negative ones. It creates walls and prefers to stay indoors. So, do not think that spirituality is always liberating. It can also be binding, depending on what practice you are up to.
In our times, often, spirituality means escapism. People choose spirituality so that they can postpone or avoid their dharma (duty). This is utterly anti-spiritual and anti-liberating. When there are 100s of material matters to be accomplished in both dharma and karma plane, how can we have solace in spirituality? By postponing our dharma, there will be no progress. There cannot be progress. Escapism is born out of Tamas (inherent inertia). Laziness is its sister. Pessimism is its cousin. Looking for opportunities for discontentment is its watch dog. We can see some people always choosing one negative point out of 10 positive points. And negativity breeds further negativity. It produces itself in mass. The natural bent would be to befriend tamasic company.
Prioritisation is important. Dharma should be prioritised. Work should be prioritised. Work is worship. Respecting work means respecting existence. If spirituality is your work, do it whole heartedly. Swamis and Saints are doing that. This is absolutely fine. They have their role to play in the society. A doctor cannot go for chanting the whole day ignoring his patients. This is against his Dharma. A warrior is supposed to be fighting or protecting the country. He has to do his Dharma. Beware. Postponement is a sign of deep set Tamas. It will eat you slowly, steadily and completely. Duty first. Duty also means the duty of parents to their children, children towards their parents, husband towards wife and vice versa, charity and self-less service etc. Its the same even between two lovers. When Dharma is perfectly accomplished to your 100%, automatically, spirituality will set in. When duties are not completed, mind will remain unstable. When pending works bother you, how can you concentrate? Your mind will be rotating around your unfinished tasks. Even though your tongue will be chanting, and your eyes will be looking at the Guru in front, your mind will be far far away. What is the benefit of such spirituality? Is that spirituality at all? What is it, if its not escapism? Life gets wasted this way and we come back to complete the unfulfilled tasks, again and again. Why do we deliberately jump into a quagmire, if we can help it? Wrong judgement and corresponding mistake is far better than deliberate escapism. Remember that. Trust you have understood the basic reason for your discontentment. Unfinished duties are bothering you. You cannot keep all the skeletons in the closet. The closet will fall apart. Nor can you shove all your unfulfilled tasks under your carpet. You will stumble on your own carpet and fall flat on your face. Did I scare you? I am sorry. I only mean to awaken you. Never too late. Perform your duties in style and confidence. Spirituality will happen. You will not miss any Gurus, if they are meant for you. Those whom you missed were not for you. Understand that.

Clinical Understanding
Does clinical understanding help? Is it necessary?
Well, it depends on your individual constitution. Clinical understanding is a necessity for an intellectual, a Janana Yogi. Overall awareness is perfect for a karma yogi. So, it depends on where you stand, individually. Some are satisfied with a general understanding while some others cannot sleep properly until they get at the bottom of a matter. Discoveries and inventions are nothing but recognition of the existence of an external matter or situation. Inventions are essentially modifications. When we say we discovered, it was existing well-covered somewhere there before and we happened to discover that. If possibilities does not exist for a chemical reaction, there is no invention. So, time, space, characteristics, intellect and awareness is given to aid a particular situation which in turn created a result. Invention takes place. Events get formed. Thus, we are only one of the ingredient of the whole show. We are perhaps better to be considered as a catalyst. You may disagree. I know where the question has come from. So, understand this as my opinion. You are free to have your own opinions.

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