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France & Germany want a piece of the cake in Iraq

“Recent visits to Iraq by senior French and German officials suggest that the European Union is eager to pursue more active relations with Baghdad, and could soon seek a more unified policy on Iraq. "The new situation in Iraq is behind attracting visitors," Deputy Foreign Minister Hmoud told Radio Free Iraq. "The improvement in the security situation, the big economic hopes, and the huge resources Iraq has are encouraging others to establish direct relations with Iraq. Those relations will later turn into mutual interests, [and] this is the bottom line in international relations."

Also here another interesting article : “Facts on Who Benefits From Keeping Saddam Hussein In Power”, and France, Germany, China, and Russia had together with the USA big interests in keeping Saddam in Power. Bush changes his mind and petrol reasons are behind this decision……, but France and Germany decided against the Gulf War……..for humanity reasons or economic reasons ?

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Where were France and Germany during the Gulf War 2 (read third article) ? In front of the world they were the good boys, and behind the French and German secret agencies were involved.
Today the security situation is slowly improving, thanks to the American, English, Spanish and Italian soldiers that died in Iraq. But know France and Germany want a piece of cake too, under the flag of the European Union. But when Uk and Italy decided to go with the Americans in Iraq, France and Germany were anti-war. And the European Flag was divided. USA foreign politics had to be criticised, but before criticising others maybe we should look in our own garden.

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