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gaza to receive billions in reconstruction money


Why is Germany paying Protected content Euros to help in the recontruction effort ? Why is Europe going to splash billions ???

To a land where the government seizes basic aid goods and sells them to their starving people ? In a land that redefines corruption ??? That has elected a terrrorist organization to be its representative ???

My point is how can we make sure that the billions are being spent in a proper way.

If our governments want to help they should send in german companies and give them our companies money to build schools for example.

The way it usually works is that not even 1 percent will be given to the people. We can be lucky if the corrupt puppets buy a Mercedes Benz or some german weapons with the money.

Best of all lots of money will be available to buy new rockets and to start attacking israel for a land that is israels not that of the palestinian people.

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