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Global Earth Clean Up Day, October 1, 2008 - JOIN US

Christophe Poizat posted the following topic

Global Earth Clean Up Day, October 1, Protected content
Dear Friends,

I have decided to organize the First Global Earth Clean Up Day on October 1, Protected content I need your help to coordinate all efforts on the ground and make sure it's a complete success!

Here is my vision: on October 1, hundred of thousands of volunteers around the world will collect hundred of thousands of tons of garbage that is polluting the Earth and will bring all the trash collected to the nearest recycling stations.

We need to involve as many children as possible all around the world as it will give them an opportunity to learn about the fragility of our environment and about the benefits of recycling. It means we will need to contact thousands of Primary Schools all around the World and share this project with them. Secondary and High Schools are welcome to participate and adults too!

We need to set up several stations which will weigh all the garbage that will be collected by all the different teams of volunteers around the world...

We need to identify hundreds of thousands of volunteers in each country who will participate in this massive effort and we need to find thousands of coordinators at country and city level! We will publish the name of all coordinators at country level in the INSE forum.

If you are interested in becoming a coordinator at country level for GECUD on October 1, Protected content send me an email to: Protected content with "GECUD - October 1, Protected content in the subject and I will contact you with further instructions; thanks

The ultimate objective is to organize a Global Earth Clean Up Day every year!

In dynamic peace,
INSE Founder & Chairman
"Be the Change You Want to See in the World" -- Gandhi

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