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International Flirt - what are the differences?

I was talking to a friend of mine that was talking about how 80% of the people found someone to smootch with for the night in Brazil. It's crazy! he said.

Is that so true=? what are the typical dating / flirting practices in your home country or Choice-Home country?

what surprises do you think people would have to learn about?

I think most people are pretty surprised to see Americans get crazy during spring break - and in Cologne the women go wild on Weiberfastnacht.

Once example I will give;

After waiting an hour to get into a bar (it was 12:45 in the afternoon) on Karnival-Thursday, my buddy was dressed as superman with a shaved head, me as a 70's disco king with a massive afro.

Within minutes of walking in the bar, some girls came up to us and were 'checking out the goods' -- first to see if I was also bald under the wig - then to see if I had hair on my chest.

I then asked if they wanted to see if I had also hair elsewhere, and my friend said I should check and see if her breasts were real. I didn't even get a beer yet. Anyway, it was rather surprising.

Look forward to your comments.


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