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Intimate Intercultural Relationships and Marriages

Personal and intimate relationships are wonderful things to have. Right?

Yet, behind the fun, the romanticism and the getting to know "each other" and each other's "world" there are many challenges and opportunities.

Intimate relationships and marriages are reportedly difficult for people within the same culture, national, ethnic or language group. Who would want to have an intimate relationship with someone who, under the iceberg, can be so different from who we are? Yet, judging from anecdotal evidence, people "mingle" in intimate relationships across nations, borders, languages, religions, languages, social class and economic status.

As an example, I was once married to someone from beatiful I**n, but no matter how much I was attached to the p*****n history, the culture, the people, the food of the place to her parents I was still not good enough for their daughter. They made our life miserable and, needless to say, we didn't survive. So, even in-laws play a significant role in the outcomes of intercultural relationships.

I think that folks in the InterNations group may have LOTS to say about this. So...

What works best in intimate intercultural relationships and marriages?
What does not work well in intimate intercultural relationships and marriages?
If you are/were/hope to be in one, what would you advice anyone reading this post and considering the same?
If there was ONE THING you would say to anyone considering an intimate intercultural relationship, what would that be?

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