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Obtaing Tourisvisum in USA when already in USA ?

17 Oct. ' Protected content SOLVED ! (so not necessary to respond anymore)

Hi all !!

Does anyone know if it is possible - and if so how - to obtain a Protected content visum for a Dutch 18-year old citizen when already present in USA ?

A good friend's 18-year old son is following an adventurous hiking programme in Rocky Mountains as I write this.
He is there on a ESTA tourist visum which allows him to stay in USA for max. 90 days.
Due to circumstances he needs to stay Protected content longer. This means he will exceed the 90 days. According to ESTA-regulations he has to leave at latest on 90-ieth day.
Our hope is that he can arrange a visum for himself whilst already IN USA (in remote place - Rocky Mountains) for Protected content after the 90-day period so that he can finish his adventurous programme.
We have tried getting info for him here I'm The Netherlands, but are not getting much further and time is ticking.

Does any of you have a BRILLIANT solution for us ?

Your reply (on this forum or private message) will be greatly appreciated !!!

Thanks for your time


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