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Postcards from your mobile : May I have your vote?

Hi all

I need your help in getting our little startup Pixengo "on the podium" at the Next Web internet conference in Amsterdam next week. Pixengo : postcards from your mobile.

I'd like to ask for ninety five seconds of your time. Ninety to watch a video clip and five to vote for Pixengo.

We're in the running to get accepted to present at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam - which is a bit of a big deal - and we need your votes to get there.

The competition is run here:

Protected content

Scroll down to the sixth YouTube window - "Pixengo NextWeb 90sec Pitch" - it has the Pixengo logo at the bottom below the photo - and you can vote either immediately under the video window or using the drop down menu towards the top right of your screen.

If you're on Twitter, please be sure to click the Tweet link - your vote will count twice.

I really do appreciate this. You can click on this any time in the next 36 hours but the sooner the better and every vote absolutely counts!

You can shoot me a quick email at Protected content if you have any questions or would like to know more about Pixengo and what we're doing with it. Or follow me on Twitter @ralphtalmont for updates.

All the best
Ralph Talmont

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