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The New World Order

The more I see things occurring throughout the world, the more I see God's word coming to pass in these last days. The stage is being set for a one world government and economic failure is more evident each day. It is not merely just natural disasters on the rise, but behavioral changes in humanity. It is the spiritual darkness that is blinding people today. It is the anti-God agendas that are exalting themselves against His word. It is the postmodern mindset that basically says there is no such thing as truth, meaning, or certainty. It is the corruption in government and their lies as they deceive the people with vain promises. Satan already has governments in his pocket. He has the entertainment industry/Hollywood, the music industry, and the religious systems as well. He is very much interested in organized religion and there is a spirit that is behind these systems that is antichrist. But how can a person discern these spirits without the Holy Spirit of God living inside of them? What will happen in the next few years as these realities are unfolding before our eyes? Are some of you even aware of such things and their role in the coming days? What hope lies in the midst for mankind with all of this turmoil and conflict in the world, and who will fix it? Any thoughts InterNations?

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