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What's preventing an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict?


Welcome! I would recommend reading this post up to the 8th or 9th page. After that, it gets a bit too random. Well, it never did really follow the original topic.

For reference, this was the original idea:

I'm tired of reading paragraphs and paragraphs or blame-throwing and stories. Let's try a more abbreviated form of discussion. The goal in this thread is to list the problems which are preventing peace from happening. When replying, please follow these guidelines:

1) Make your post as short as possible.
2) Try to be specific, factual and accurate. (Hint: "they're all racists" is not a fact.)
3) Read all previous posts first, and try not to repeat points.
4) Please do not reply to any posts here. The goal is only to create a list, not another discussion.
5) One point per post :-)

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