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Where is home?


The modern times give us this great opportunity to roam through the world, live and work here and there, marry a foreign partner...

After many years in various countries, do we still have a "home feel" somewhere? Is it important to have "home"? Is it the city, the country, the family, friends?

Do you feel a stranger in the country you were born long time ago? Do you feel more comfortable in a country you live in, but the passport says different? Is your family falling apart - kids grown up and on their own ways, your partnership maybe being just a memory? Where do we belong?

As Neil Diamond put it (some of the older genaration may remember him):
L.A. is fine, but it ain't no home, New York's home but it ain't mine, no more. (I am ... I said)

We all are foreigners, almost everywhere.


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