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Everything is and depends on our mind i dare say. We crumble in the face of obstacles, disappointments, failure etc because our mind cant handle them . If we want to be disciplined, self confident, poised, efficient, strong, fearless, effective, it all starts with having a silent mind. A mind which can effortlessly think things through, without chattering at us . Can you imagine what it would be like never to feel nervous or fearful. or insecure. All the negativity which is part of our mental makeup can be vanquished if we learn how to make our mind our best friend. To stop being a slave to the mind. To have a liberated mind , which does not have an ever-crumbling foundation but which is not tethered anywhere , free to be used by us to think effectively and therefore handle our life with gumption and pizzazz. Please comment. And tell us how you will go about strengthening your mind willfully . There are techniques. All the best
Anita Sharma

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