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Young British Male Traveler - Character Development

Please help me with a little character development... in this case the character in question is young Protected content and recently graduated from LSE with a degree in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method.

He will soon return to London and get his Masters Degree in Finance (maybe through a partner program in NYC or Paris with LSE).

His name is Colin. He is heterosexual and single. He is a member of a casual rugby club that plays once or twice a week.

When we meet Colin he is arriving in New Zealand after spending time traveling through Australia and several countries/cities in Asia before that... mostly he stays in youth hostels.


Is it natural for Colin to travel alone?

What kind of activities would Colin be looking to experience along the way?

What kind of people would he like to meet and how would he interact with them?

What are some unique Points-of-View shared by young British males today that he might freely share when in the company of other young international travelers?

If you know, or have observed, any "habits" that could be considered British in the travel behavior of young British male travelers, please mention them - good, and bad.

What character traits best represent your idea or experience when meeting, spending time with, a man like Colin?

Thank you for any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!


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