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Peter B. Krehmer
"Using the InterNations network in Yerevan helped us find a French speaking au pair for our children."
Sophie Ackers
"The groups on InterNations helped me make connections with other expats before my official move to Yerevan."

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Barev dzez and welcome to Yerevan! If you're relocating to Armenia in the near future — or if you've already arrived — connections in the capital could prove invaluable to settling in and integrating into this proud Eurasian nation's way of life. At InterNations, our online platform contains numerous resources for expats in Yerevan, including an active group of members just waiting to share their insights. Many new arrivals use InterNations to ask essential questions about living and working in Yerevan, such as the realities of working in the city, political sensitivities, and travel restrictions to be aware of, and which of the city's districts are best for buying and renting property. We hope that when you've spent enough time in the city, you will also share your own experiences for the benefit of newer members. Expats who make Yerevan their home will find a surprisingly modern and comfortable city with a friendly and cosmopolitan populace and a rich sense of history and culture. Throw in the beautiful natural geography of Armenia's nearby countryside and this is a city well worth exploring.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Basel or Nairobi.

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  • Moving to Yerevan

    Situated on the Hrazdan River, the city is one of the worlds’ oldest, yet in recent times has undergone a major transformation, offering expatriates moving to Yerevan a great history combined with newly constructed retail shops, restaurants, and cafés.
  • Living in Yerevan

    Life in Yerevan can be both exciting and relaxing for expats. In the summer the city is full of people enjoying the outdoor café lifestyle and eclectic food on offer, including the Armenian Xorovat (barbecue). We introduce you to the local healthcare, education, transportation and more.
  • Working in Yerevan

    There are a lot of benefits to working in Yerevan. Not only are salaries rewarding, working in Yerevan is an opportunity for expats to get to know the Armenian culture and to meet the locals. Read up on the local economy, job hunting and taxation in this article.

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Expat Life & Facts about the Local Economy in Yerevan

As the cultural and economic capital of Armenia, and one of Europe's oldest cities, Yerevan is certainly not lacking for culture. Theaters, galleries, and live music venues provide a seemingly endless variety of entertainment for residents, while ancient museums and monuments serve as a reminder of Armenia's storied past. Key industries such as construction, manufacturing, and wine production draw a wide range of expat talent to the city, while a prime location on the shores of the Hrazdan River allows for large-scale production of hydroelectricity. Living standards in Yerevan are generally high, and a noticeably cosmopolitan middle class populates the trendy bars and high-fashion boutiques of the city center. The city is also an excellent base for exploring the Armenian countryside, with attractions such as Lake Sevan, Mt. Aragats and Vayots Dzor just a short distance away. Armenian and Russian are the most widely spoken languages, but English is also understood by most younger Armenians, and job opportunities at English-speaking companies can be found with a little research and a lot of persistence.

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When join InterNations and become part of our community, we ask you to abide by our core principles of respect, honesty and ethical behavior at all times. This is to ensure that our platform remains a safe and secure space for expats who are looking for meaningful business and social connections in their new home, and for finding the answers to the most important questions. This member-driven approach has helped us to become the world's leading platform for expatriates. You can use our community to find legal and financial advisers in the city, to get a lead on apartments for sale or rental, and to find out how to enroll your children in the best international schools. Our members also use the platform to advertise for language courses, sports teams, and play dates with fellow expat parents. Plus, don't forget to RSVP to our latest social event right here in Yerevan. We regularly run dedicated evenings where our members can get to know each other and enjoy a variety of food, drink, and entertainment in a relaxed and informal setting.

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Peter B. Krehmer
"Using the InterNations network in Yerevan helped us find a French speaking au pair for our children."
Sophie Ackers
"The groups on InterNations helped me make connections with other expats before my official move to Yerevan."

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