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Accounting/Financial Work in ZG? (Zagreb)

Hi Everbody!

I am a Canadian-Croatian (dual citizenship) and I am looking for professional financial/business work in ZG and am having a difficult time! I believe I am qualified for many different financial/business jobs since I am a Canadian designated accountant, ACCA member, have my BCom (Hons.) and a Level 1 CFA candidate. I have had some interest, but nothing worth mentioning at this point. I'm wondering if anybody has any tips or advice for me?

Also, would my job hunting be more succesful if I actually lived in ZG, instead of Vancouver where I currently live? I wish to work in ZG because my wife is finishing up her school at the university and we both would like to live there for a while we are both still young and because I just love the city so much.

Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it!

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