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Paul Zimmerer
"The InterNations network helped me transition from a study abroad student to a resident of Zagreb."
Emma Baxter
"The InterNations network helped me get in contact with other expats and internationally minded people in Zagreb."

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Dobar dan and welcome to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia! If you're an expat recently arrived or planning a move to this beautiful Balkan city, you'll find numerous helpful tools and resources to help you to get settled in, thanks to our active community of expat residents. Simply join InterNations to discover answers to all of your burning questions, such as where the best districts of Zagreb to buy or rent a house can be found, how to deal with Croatian bureaucracy, and where to find the best bars and restaurants. If you find the advice and support of our membership helpful, why not "pay it forward" by sharing your own experiences and recommendations? As a gateway to Zagreb's international community, our goal at InterNations is to support you in the process of relocating, to connect you with like-minded global minds, and to help you to gain a better understanding of the Croatian way of life. A city very much on the ascendant, surrounded by beautiful and diverse natural landscapes, Zagreb offers a wide range of delightful experiences to curious expats, from sampling delicious Croatian seafood at one of the capital's many mouthwatering restaurants to enjoying the stunning panoramic views from Lotrščak Tower, one of the oldest buildings in the city.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Dubai or Riyadh.

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  • Moving to Zagreb

    Expatriates moving to Zagreb can look forward to tasting awesome local food, enjoying fantastic open air shopping experiences at great prices, and trying out the diverse nightlife. Get ready to move to Zagreb with the InterNations Expat Guide!
  • Living in Croatia

    Expat life in Croatia has its advantages. Expats living in Croatia’s beautiful vacation destinations benefit from the local infrastructure for the tourism industry. But there’s more to daily life than leisure: We also have info on education, health, safety, and transportation in Croatia below.
  • Working in Zagreb

    As a creative and cultural place, Zagreb is particularly popular amongst start-ups, along with creative tech companies and big business. Almost all of the largest Croatian conglomerates have their headquarters in the city, too. This makes it a haven for expats looking for work in Zagreb.

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Expat Life & Facts about the Local Economy in Zagreb

Like many Balkan cities, Zagreb bears the hallmarks of a long history of occupation by various empires, including the Ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Austro-Hungarian Empire — plus of course their time as part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. All of these influences play into the diversity and unique personality of the city, which in recent years has stepped out of the shadow of Croatia's more celebrated coastal districts to become a popular holiday spot in its own right. The city center is a vibrant cultural hub packed with museums, art galleries, theaters, cafes, bars and restaurants, while just outside the capital lie some of the natural wonders of the Balkan region — such as Jarun Lake and Mount Medvednica, helping to create an organic and natural feeling that permeates even the more built-up areas of the city. Located at the crossroads between Central Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans, Zagreb is also a thriving business hub, drawing many expats to key industries including mechanical production, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food processing. The city's increasing popularity as a city break location has also seen major growth in the local tourism and services industries. The financial crash may have dealt a harsh blow to Croatia's economy, but the feeling in Zagreb today is of a young and ambitious city where opportunities are all around if you know where to look.

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As the world's leading expat community, InterNations has always been founded on a commitment to providing a safe, secure, and respectful experience. Our members are carefully monitored according to our guiding principles, meaning you can feel free to pose any questions you might have about living in Zagreb and look forward to an insightful, helpful, and reliable response from your fellow members. These questions may be of a practical nature — such as advice on setting up a business in the city, how to avoid corruption, and what your rights are as a renter or property owner — or they might relate to your hobbies or social activities, such as taking skiing lessons, forming a hiking group, or sampling the best of Zagreb's many bars and restaurants. Some of the latter interests are also served by our InterNations Groups, which enable members to meet like-minded people and organize interest-based get-togethers. In addition, please feel welcome to attend one of our larger, regular events, where you can meet fellow expats over informal drinks at one of the city's many attractive venues.

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Paul Zimmerer
"The InterNations network helped me transition from a study abroad student to a resident of Zagreb."
Emma Baxter
"The InterNations network helped me get in contact with other expats and internationally minded people in Zagreb."

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