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Good orthopedic hospital in Croatia (Zagreb)

Hello to everyone!
We came with my mother to live for several months in Croatia. A year ago she broke her hip in Russia and was operated there. Everything was normal after that, she walks pretty good even without any support, travels with me and so on.
But she was required to have an x-ray once in awhile. So yesterday we went to Orthopedical Hospital in Lovran with her (we live in Ika) and made that x-ray. The doctor suddenly said that the metall shifft in her bone moved and she needs to fly urgently back to Russia and make another surgery to remove it! We cannot do it now for various reasons but he refused to remove it in Lovran. Could anybody tell us a good Orthopedical clinic or hospital in Croatia? This doctor cannot even tell us if the bones are grown back or not and did not want to do anything to investigate it.
Thank you!

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