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Questions with regard to business start ups (Zagreb)

Hello there,
Well I'm here to see if I can get some pointers with regard to an foreigner (UK citizen) setting up business in Zagreb. Before I start emailing a number of people/companies I thought I should start here.
Is there any recommended reading you could offer? I should give some details as to what I do and what I'm looking for, right?
Well, I am currently a contractor at a large film&TV production and post production facility and I've been taking with management there about them out sourcing some film restoration work to me. In order to do this cost effectively (and just because I really wanted to live in Croatia for some time) I've suggested I set up a small studio with 4 freelancers and a 100mb-1gb (will need to transfer TB's of data fast) internet connection in Zagreb.
I'm wondering of any one can suggest sites or companies where I might find freelancers and the kind of heavy duty internet connection required? I know of a UK site that had Croatian video editors listed but I'm curious to know if there were any inside Croatia.
Also any English speakers here or there who have insight into the rules and regulations with regard to seeking and hiring freelance people.
Because I would need FACT certification to do this work if anyone knows of English speaking security (swipe cards, CCTV etc.) Firms then any leads in that area would be super too.
I'm going on Sunday 1st march to meet some friends who can hopefully introduce me to some leads but any suggestions from here would be very welcome.
Also any easy to read sources of info on how to go about living and working in Zagreb for about a year (give or take a few months) would be super!
I do hope I can attend one of the Zagreb meet ups one day. I would love to hear of other's experiences with living and working and paying taxes in Zagreb.

Kind regards,
Alberto Buron.

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