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"Glocals" and InterNations (Zurich)

Dear members,

I just wanted to inform you that I was cicked out of glocals 2 days ago as they apparently see IN as a threat. Recently a thread with, let s say, quite acid comments concerning InterNations was started by a local party organiser from Lausanne. They even erased twice one of my comments judging it would directly shift people to InterNations. Hence, I was surprised by the agressivity and hostility shown.

I enjoyed being on glocals as it gave me an overview what s happening in Geneva even if I didn t attend a lot of their events as the few I attended didn t appeal to me. If i met interesting people I invited them to InterNations and I posted our events there.

We live in a world in which especially we expats are often on several networks. They are co-existing. There s Facebook, linked-In. Xing etc.

Every network attracts a certain kind of members that are like minded and we have large zones of intersections.

I don t see us in a pure concurrence situation and never did.

I don t have any problem with event posts of glocals members on InterNations so far. We have glocals members in Geneva, Bern and Zürich doing so. There s even a link to glocals on InterNations.

Would be interesting to have your opinion on this matter. Do you see us in a fierce fight for members? How do you judge this behaviour?

Your Geneva Lake Ambassador


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