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Internations principals (Zurich)

Hey everyone,

Chris your co-ambassador here. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Laura Anne and I often get asked how Internations works, what we the Ambassadors and Zurich’s hardworking Consuls get out of it. I thought therefore it would be helpful to communicate a little of what happens behind the scenes.

Internations was founded by 3 German guys in Protected content , who similar to many of our members, had lived and worked abroad. They noticed how tiring and time-consuming it could be to gather all necessary information before moving to a new country and the difficulties making genuine like-minded acquaintances once there. Internations was born and the platform set up. The Ambassadors and Activity Consuls work hard to create the supportive and friendly environment in our communities across the world.

We are all volunteers, and other than a small allowance provided to the Ambassadors to cover costs, do this because we want our local Internations group to be a great community for our members.

Ambassadors and Group Consuls are not permitted to benefit commercially as this would go against Internations' principals. We do not get paid by the bar or get freebies. Most of the time we even pay for our own drinks…and this is exactly how it should be. We are not here to profit from the community for our own financial or commercial gains, but to provide the framework for the group to thrive and add value to people’s experiences in Zurich.

The Albatross members’ fee and entry fees to the big events hosted by the Ambassadors? This covers the administrative costs of Internations HQ in Munich: IT team, support team which processes and screens member requests, a team who supports the Ambassadors, a marketing & sales team and the editorial office which maintains our helpful Country and City guides.

Thank you again to all the members and Group Consuls for making Zurich Internations the amazing community that it is!

Hopefully this has dispelled some myths about how Internations works, but please feel free to message either of us if you have any questions.

See you Friday at Mascotte :-)

Chris and Laura Anne

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