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Out of work & needing to meet up (Zurich)

I am being "restructured" in 3 weeks, which is a polite term for being made redundant because of cost cutting at UBS. No project = no job. I have my Oerlikon RAV meeting at the end of October.

Anyway the thing that strikes me the most is the potential feeling of being disconnected from people and I'm looking to alleviate it. There must be other people in my situation that would appreciate a chance to meet up, discuss tactics to get another role, a chance to chat in their own language (mine is English) and generally feel more connected with other people, not isolated and so on.

A decent chat and natter brings benefits for all concerned, being unemployed means that we don't have to do expensive bars and so on, but we could find a decent inexpensive place to meet up.

Ping me if this appeals.

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