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Pension savings when leaving Switzerland!! (Zurich)


just had a talk with a lady who is leaving Switzerland after 5+ years and leaving her vested benefits on a UBS vested benefits account. I asked why is she putting it on a UBS account and she answered; "because that is what the most of the people here do."

Ok, what if there is a solution that has higher returns and lower fees and ranked as the best vested benefits solution and that would not be at UBS, would you be interested to check it out?

Would you?

Swiss Life's vested benefits deposit has the highest net performance year after year, Swiss Life is the largest pension firm in Switzerland and the 3rd largest asset manager after UBS and CS. Pension savings is our business. We even manage the pension savings from various banks thereunder Credit Suisse. I’m not saying that it is the size that is making us so good. There are other qualities that are making us so big.

So many of your peers are putting their pension savings to UBS account when they leave Switzerland, they probably do so because they do not know other options. And if the HR is saying that it does not make a big difference then that just indicates that she/he is in HR and not in finance.

Last month a UBS manager left Switzerland and she deposit almost CHF 1 million to Swiss Life vested deposit that she took from me. Why did she not put it on a UBS account? Because she is in finance and she knows that net return counts.
I have clients who have put invested only 30k, many have over 100k. it does not matter how much or less, in % the returns are the same.

So if you are leaving Switzerland to an EU country of for other reason you aren’t taking your vested benefits with you – please contact me and let’s talk.

Or what do you think?

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