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"Rethinking intelligence in an era of AI" Denkfest (Zurich)

What do we actually mean by "intelligence" when we are heading into a future of AI?

Come and join us for the Denkfest Protected content November) where the Zurich Salon will be hosting the special panel session on "Rethinking intelligence in an era of AI" on Day Protected content Nov) at 11:00.
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Zurich Salon goes to Denkfest: "Rethinking intelligence in an era of AI"

In Protected content , Alan Turing proposed a test to assess, whether a machine should be seen as intelligent: a human evaluator would have a conversation via keyboard and screen with two partners unknown to him or her, one is also a human being, the other is a machine. Both attempt to convince the evaluators that they are thinking humans. Can the evaluator not determine who is who, the cognitive capacity of the human and the machine are said to be on par.

In online discussions, we can already no longer reliably tell human and machine participants apart. If we are to believe the forecasters, machines will surpass our own ability to think. Is this the case? And if so, what does this mean for us? Do we need a reformation of the concept "intelligence" in order to further distinguish ourselves from machines? Or will it no longer matter whether we're dealing with humans or machines in many everyday-life situations?

Our panel and chair:
• Gerd Leonhard, futurist and consultant, Basel (CH)
• Joanna J. Bryson, cognition and KI researcher, University of Bath (UK)
• Satinder P. Gill​, Forscherin am Centre for Music and Science, Cambridge Uni (UK)​
• Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University (UK).

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