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Working as Dutch contractor in Switzerland (Zurich)


Hi there,

I have the opportunity to work contract-based for a company located near Zurich. However, they have offered me a contract via a broker/intermediate party also based in Switzerland.

According to the broker I have to make use of their payroll services (I become their employee for the duration of the contract) in order to be compliant with the Swiss tax laws etc. They will be deducting around 35% from my daily rate. The remaining part will be paid as monthly salary.

Becoming their temporary employee has some disadvantages but the most important one is that I will have only income as employee and not as a company which here in the Netherlands means more income tax to be paid. Ofcourse I could decide to emigrate and pay tax only in Switzerland, however, that brings other disadvantages for me as an entrepreneur.

My question to you here on the forum is;

Is this situation common for other expats working contract-based?
Is it really obligatory to follow this model, i.e. become a payroll employee for the duration of the contract in Switzerland?
Why can I not just invoice the customer for my services from my limited company?

Many thanks, Rob

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