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Branding management determines your business and thrives ours.
Design302 intends to specialize in a creative process of finding quality solutions for specific corporate or individual needs as well as communicational problems.
Visual communication is our core work. Striking ideas is not only required in the beginning of a project. Creativity still applies in all the phases of our work: we look, we touch, we feel, we listen and smell. Our tailor made design solutions provide a sustainable foundation for corporate entities and individuals to release and channel their message.
Design302’s team follows its projects from briefing to execution and post-production.
Clarity is our guiding principle. We celebrate the complexity of ideas to bring them to a clear, concise and detailed solution.
We understand Design as a transversal and integral part of every process and production. We further understand Design as a combination of conception, functionality, aesthetics, feasibility and sustainability. And this is why design Protected content its products in close collaboration and interaction with its clients: together with the client new goals are defined, a wide base of ideas discovered, condensed, combined and finally produced.
Depending on the project design302 plans to integrate national and international freelance contributors in the domains 3D and animation, programming, photography, architecture, textile design, trend scouting, illustration as well as in text/color conception.

What do we do

We provide a broad range of design services with particular emphasis on identity design, branding, and communication strategies.
Our approach is one of content-driven and creative problem solving.
Our primary focus is the development and design of corporate and brand identities, printed communication, printed media, website design, advertising and copywriting.

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