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Moving from the Cayman Islands in September!? (Abu Dhabi)

I will be moving to Abu Dhabi for to work for the Ritz Carlton by the beginning of September. I am moving from the Cayman Island and so far all the normal issues are already in process, I am waiting for my police clearance as I write.

I have an important issue pending for which I would appreciate some help / advice / guidance? My fiancée definitely would like to come with me (hoping to come the same day but joining me after is also an option)
He has a few concerned about coming over with me because he does not have a job as yet, he cannot live with me as we are not yet married. We have save enough money for him to survive there for a good few months but the logistics of getting there, visa, accommodation…ect. seems to be difficult? Or is it??
We are not legally married and I understand that could cause problems, he is holder of a Peruvian passport.

How do I get a decent visa for my fiancée? Where can he stay? I heard that he can get a visit visa thru a travel agency which already had a package along with the airfare. Who should we contact? What are the costs?
How easy/hard is it to find a job in the loss prevention/ security sector with 12 year’s experience in security/hospitality??
Is it better to go to a recruitment agency or go from place to place looking? He has applied for a few jobs from here but no answer as yet.

I am looking for advice from other people in my situation as to how you found it when you first arrived, what was the hardest part and how did you adapt?

If anyone could give me some tips I would be truly grateful.

I look forward meeting all of you there soon!!

Thank You all in advance

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