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Cashew Available (Accra)

Investment Opportunity for Cashew processing in Brong Ahafo

I write to introduce you to the Cashew Growers Association in Brong Ahafo Ghana.

The Association has tasked Cornerstone Media to secure investors and skills training to help process local cashew buffer stock. Our aim is to add Value and Gains - Focusing on the Potential to Leverage Profit in each Sector of the Cashew Industry and in New Markets.

We are currently using India as a case study for hand processed nuts. Manual processing, such as that practiced in India, tends to give higher yields of whole kernels than the mechanized methods, our focus being on green jobs creation for the youth in these areas.

We write in the hope that we can solicit for funding from your esteemed institution to start local processing for the Association. We will be willing to meet and discuss the details in full.

Please feel free to ask for any information that may be necessary in facilitating this collaboration.

Best Regards

Accra Forum