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Desperate to move :( (Alicante)

Hey guys,

I arrived here two weeks ago and this experience thus far has been hell. I'm currently in a bad job, I was lied to and my accommodation, which was only confirmed the day I flew out, as it turns out is with the assistant director of the school and the boss's sister. She's constantly picking at me, is a cleaning freak, leaves me snipey notes and I have no privacy here to even vent about the awful job I've landed as she can hear everything. It's a living nightmare right now.

I need to find a new job cut a long story short but to do this I need to move out of here. I'm having trouble finding English speaking travel agents via the internet or in fact, placing anyone who might be of use to me in this capacity.

Any leads at all would be greatly appreciated. Everything is falling apart so quickly here and I need to get out ASAP.

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