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I'm new in Elche, Alacant. (Alicante)


My name is Fer, and I moved to Elche 3 weeks ago, with my Pug, and 2 cats.

I walked around a lot already and seen many many things here!
I do want to meet new people, as I don't really know a lot of people yet, I've met 2 people who I have some contact with.

I like to go out for a coffee, or a nice walk in a park, or drive somewhere to the beach where doggies are allowed to have a nice walk with my Pug, and maybe meet some people!

Something about me:
I am a 39 years old Dutchman, I love reggae music, and basically all kinds of music, as long as they have some sort of positive message in them.

I am unable to work due a neck hernia and arthritis surrounding my neck area, so I am living with pain almost 24/7, and choose not to take morphine or any other pharma medicine, I do use Cannabis, as it is the only medicine that works for me, but being here in a lower humidity and warmer area I don't have to use a lot of it, like I had to do in Oviedo Asturias.

Because of the pain my concentration levels are a little lower than normal, so I can come off as a slow type of guy.. everything goes just a little slower than average, specially when it comes to learning Spanish, I am trying very hard to get to know the language, but it's a but of a struggle for me, but I am willing to learn it!

If you want to know more about me, or maybe even meet me in person, I am open for new people in my life! So feel free to respond here, or send me a message!

Hope to meet some interesting people here!
Have a blessed day!

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