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stuff for sale (Almaty)


Leaving Kazakhstan in July. I have three items of which I would like to sell.
1. A bicycle, made by TOTEM. Its a mountain bike and its 2 months old. Rides well for around town. Comes with a lock, helmut, and small bag. MAKE OFFER, it retails for $300 at the bicycle places around here.
2. MICROSOFT XBOX 360. Comes with all wiring, a contoller, and 5 games. The unit ia approximately 1 year old. It also comes with a power stepdown unit, which will also be useful for any 110V appliances you may have.
As you may know the XBOX is VERY expensive here in Kazakhstan, with what you are getting the retail would be well above $500. So make me an offer.
3. One well used outdoor grill, CHEAP
I also have some winter clothing that will fit an average man. Sweaters, long sleave shirts etc...these are free. If you know someone who could use them, please come get them.
Wish all the best, and take care!

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