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Expatica's "I am not a tourist": unsatisfied, again. (Amsterdam)


As confirmation of my thoughts, the fair was "unfairly" focused to specific targets (see my previous comments) and not too much related to people like me.

Are you an American and you need to move your things in Netherlands?
Are you an American and you need advices on how to buy a big house for your family?
Do you need immigration advice (from US I mean)?
Do you want to put your children in a nice US or UK school?

The fair is for your.


Are you living in Amsterdam? Well, the fair is plenty of interesting stands.

Are you out of these categories? There is still a chance with temporary agencies, renting agencies (yes, if you dare to deal with them), sushi things, salsa schools, rugby teams, cheap sim cards for calling abroad (this is actually interesting, if you don't have internet/skype/voip), and many other things.

And also, if you're rich enough, you may be interested on some real-estates or financial advisory.
Not to mention many taxation consultants, U.S. Embassy (but not other countries' embassies: them are not interesting after all, aren't them?), management/business schools, airlines that covers only one or two countries, etc.

I think this will be the last time I will attend this fair. This year I also received less gadgets than the past year (at least I could have some new pens)!

Again, the fair is very interesting: just not to me.

Sorry for sounding bitter, but well, I am.

P.S.: at least I've picked some nice cheese somewhere

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