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Practising Dutch-speaking (Amsterdam)

Hi all,

I moved to Amsterdam a few weeks ago and have keen interest in learning Dutch. I made a quick search in the forum about threads on learning Dutch; however, most of them were posted a few years ago. I also thought that there may be some people who are not yet a member of the relevant Activity Group on the website. Therefore, I want to reach out to all the people who might be interested in practising Dutch by posting this topic here on Town Talk. Now that I am done with the explanation, I can post my message, I believe.

I can read and write in Dutch at a pre-intermediate level. However, my speaking and listening skills need intense practice to be able to take part in daily life without having to switch to English in the middle of a conversation. Therefore, I want to meet fellow Dutch learners out there to get together over internet, or preferably, in A'dam. So if you want to practice your Dutch whatever your level is, please get in touch with me so we can organise weekly sessions to practise.

To native Dutch speakers,
I know volunteering is an important aspect of Dutch society. So, if you want to spend an hour or two every week to help people learning this language, please get in contact with me. Because almost all native Dutch speakers can speak English fluently, we often face difficulties in practising our Dutch skills, so we always appreciate a hand if you are willing to offer your help.

Looking forward to hear from you all.

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