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I am a Mechanical Engineer and soon I will begin my master's of Mechanical engineering at METU, I am very handicraft, and I am also open to any kind of job, from technical jobs or teaching English/Persian/TOEFL/GRE to working in restaurants. this is also my CV:

Protected content

• Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Protected content Islamic Azad University
(Ranked 59 at the nation wide Mechanical Engineering entrance exam)
• Technical Degree in Manufacturing: Protected content & Karbordi University, Iran University of Science & Technology (Ranked in the top 3 of class)

Protected content Instruction, Diesel Engines Fuel Distribution Systems, Protected content
Protected content Instruction, Machine Tools Operation, Protected content

Gas-phase fueling system for liquid fuels to be used in carburetor and injection fueling systems, Iranian patent number Protected content

• iBT TOEFL score: 96
• GRE score: Protected content , 320 Verbal

• SOLID WORKS Protected content
• ANSYS 13.0
• MS Office

1-Ultra Low Temperature Engine
• Development of an engine with working temperatures below the conditions of PTFE materials in order to eliminate the cooling system and oil system of current commercial engines
• Development of a closed cycle engine to store the engine pollutants and produced CO2
2-Super Critical Fuel Injection System
• Fuel Distribution System for Direct Injection Engines based on heating the fuel by Exhaust Gases for Decreasing the Fuel Pump Mechanical Work, Eliminating the Combustion Delay and Regenerating the Heat into the Combustion Chamber
3-Developing a Novel Rotary Engine
• Multi Fuel Lean-Burn Axial-rotary Internal Combustion Engine based on the Bryton Cycle suitable For Air Storage Hybrid Vehicles and eliminating the gearbox for low gearbox ratios with CVT Performance

1-Workshop Supervisor, Rena (Saipa Diesel) Dealer Number 677, Protected content
• Workshop Management
- Implementation of ISO workflow in the workshop
- Supervising the repair methodology and safety regulations
- Development of customer based managerial system
• Diagnostic of Volvo, Renault and Dong Feng Trucks
- Fault finding by means of Tech Tool and Cummins Insight diagnosing softwares
- Developing new test procedure not included in workshop manuals
• Diesel Injection System Specialist
- Test and repair of UIS and Common Rail Injection Systems
- Developing a Common rail test stand
- Design and manufacturing of essential test equipments required for different Injection Systems
2-Mechanical Technician, Ertebat Sanat Niroo Co, Protected content
• Installation and Testing of Diesel Generator Sets for telecommunication stations
• Installation and Testing of high-current DC/UPS power supply systems for telecommunication stations
3-Mechanical Technician, Self-employed, Protected content
• Designing and Installation of Solar Thermal systems
• HVAC repair and maintenance
4-Construction Vehicles Consulter and Mechanic, Public Draftee, Protected content
• Advisor in Selection of Construction and Mining Vehicles such as: Drill Rigs and Jumbo Drill machines
• Repair and Maintenance of Construction Vehicles including Volvo and Komatsu construction equipments
5-Instrumentation Technician, Arak Petrochemical Complex, Protected content
• Overhaul, Adjusting Different Mechanical and Electrical Instruments, Including: Valve Positioners, Gages, Thermometers, Current to Pneumatic Converters and Transmitters
6-Electrical Vehicle Team member, Iran University of Science & Technology, Protected content
• Consulter about Power Train and Suspension System
7-Utility Vehicle Team member, Iran University of Science & Technology, Protected content
• Consulter about Power Train System
8-Personal Laboratory Establishment, Protected content
• Establishing my personal laboratory at home with a 4 Cylinder Engine, a Lathe-milling Machine, an Oscilloscope, a Gas-welding Machine, an Arc-welding Machine
9-Research assistant, Iran University of Science & Technology, Protected content
• Research on the possibility of converting a common gasoline engine to a Lean-Burn Internal Combustion Engine
• Studying different types of Lean-Burn Combustion Systems, Such As: Stratified Combustion, Torch Ignition, HCCI and engines with pre-chamber
10-Research Achievement about HCCI Fuel Distribution System, Protected content
• An invention about vaporizing the fuel by using the heat of exhaust gases
• Completing the invention under the supervision of Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology

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