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Cohousing Antwerpen

Hey there!

My current cohousing in Kiel will come to an end, and I am looking for a new option. Cohousing is for me not only a mean to reduce cost, but also a way of living and sharing, and a bit of a conviction.

Nevertheless, I will start looking in parallel for an apartment of my own, as I am not convinced to find something matching. Somehow people associate sharing living space still with students and/or “young” people ;)

Who am I?
A woman with Austrian roots, who’s curiosity has made her live in several countries: Austria, Switzerland, USA, Ireland, Wales, France and since August Protected content , more precisely in the town I fell in love with coming here for the RHCP concert: Antwerp!

I used to be Au Pair during 3 years in 3 countries, and for the past 20 years I worked in customer service, export and logistics, 15 years in Toulouse, and currently in Aartselaar. Fulltime.

Rather curious than routine, I am interested in many topics.

I am rather organic/local than trade marks, rather life music than CDs, rather small movies than blockbusters, rather quietly reading than party all the time, rather a trip to the local food market than shopping centres, rather active than at home all the time, rather clean than messy, rather optimistic than pessimistic, rather LAT than fusion … with the very human occasional exception, nobody’s perfect and nobody can plan everything ahead, life wouldn’t be fun then!

I don’t smoke, share a glass - and why not some food - from time to time.
Speak German, English, French and Dutch (not perfectly, but it will do).

Sport should be on my menu more often.

My mottos: Welcome change! Moins de biens, plus de liens.

Sharing housing experience
goes way back to a year in Switzerland, where I lived in with a friend (still best friends), and then starting Protected content Toulouse since now. I mostly enjoyed myself. The other experiences I rate as “learning and improving”.
I am open-minded and tolerant, kind of “live and let live”, and usually fit better with people
younger than me (or young in mind).

What do I look for?
A home base that offers me a place to cool down and relax, to plan the next trip, stability.
A 2 to 3 person place, with an unfurnished room if possible.
I am not so keen on noise, heat (rooms under the roof) and 3rd floor without lift, electric cooking plates.
A spot for my motorbike (or a garage close by where I can rent something).
No drama queens and kings (just not used to it anymore, had great flatmates throughout the past 5 years !).
No TV would be fab (became a really bad, bad habit)!
Don’t mind pets, except snakes. Catlover for sure.

Start: no urgency, but finished moving by end of March sound like a good deadline.

Duration: long term

Dream location(s) : Kiel/Zwaantjes, Markgrave, Berchem, maybe Zuid, Brederode, Harmonie (allowing me to go to work in Aartselaar with my bicycle and occasionally with public transport). Appreciate a train station close by.

Optional: something not too far from the Steenplein, as I could rely on the Waterbus + bicycle to get to work.

Does this tick off some of your points? >> please contact me by private message
Do you know somebody searching that could fit? >> please forward
Do you know a small apartment available in the mentioned areas >> please let me know. Mond-op-mond reclame is misschien t beste ;)

Dank u wel!

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