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Living in Antwerp


Hallo, my Erasmus is coming to an end. On 29 of June I will go back to my country, but I will come back within a week or 10 days max. I will work here in Antwerp or perhaps in Roesendal I dont know for sure yet. So, I was thinking if there is anybody who could keep my "shit" during this Protected content . Bassically it will all be packed, in my suitcase, and probably will be an extra bag: just my sheets, clothes. It won t occupy more than a square meter in your home .
I m also looking for a place to stay. As I said I will work in Antwerp or in Roesendal, at the time I don t know. But if there is someone who is looking for a colegue to share rent with, please don t hesitate to write me. I don t want to be more than Protected content cut), and I don t need to much of a luxury, but of course some decent place would be nice . It will be lovely to live with an expat, but I don t mind Belgian people either. I m looking for long term. Please don t hesitate to write here or via PM.
And third thing and maybe the most important one, and for this I m willing to give a reward . I need someone to take me in space, or address. Bassicaly I have E card type E, but the address it won t be available anymore, when I leave on 29 of June, so I ll need to change address. If you can help me on this one, as I said I ll own you BIG TIME.
Thank you

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