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Advise of Dutch/Western Physician Wanted... (Bangkok)

Advise/feedback of a Dutch/western MD wanted, old mum her condition getting worse (Chiang Mai Area)

Living here with 80 y.o. mum, she lives here now for 5 years, me for 11 years. She's getting older (and 2 strokes in the past back home) since 3 months suddenly she can't walk anymore, and also mentally she changed for one day on the other.

Not sure if going back home is a very good idea, seen her fragile condition. Back home in an elderly nursing home they won't have much 'personal' time for her, it all may be very confusing for her, too old to adapt to strange situation, 'never move an old tree' etc. She has a 24/7 caretaker from Burma, and an extra one in the morning, but we all know the average level here. But at least she has her freedom to live the way she like, getting full time care etc and stay with her son and dogs.

I would appreciate to have a western (prefer Dutch) physician e.g. someone who is retired and living here, have a look at her and tell me what I may expect for the future, how much worse eventually she can get ? From what point things eventually could become very serious and not being handled anymore by a non-professional ? A serious complication is that due to a dumb mistakes by our Dutch insurance company we both lost our health insurance, and mum can't get a new one seen her age. Beside this the low euro/rising bath that becomes a serious one too, like for many.

A professional view on mum her mental/physical condition is needed, and may help me decide to stay here or, for better or for worse, go back 'home'.


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